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Our 300ml soft drinks syrups are ideal for home use - simply mix with soda water. Click on the "Online Store" button to have them delivered to you!

Our 300ml read-to-drink soft drinks are available from selected fine retailers.

Our Lemon, Lime and Pepper Berry tastes of the island at the edge of the Southern Ocean. Crisp, refreshing and evocative, this is an approachable soft drink or a remarkable mixer.


Our Smoked Cola reflects the broodiness of the Southern Ocean. A sophisticated soft drink or an extraordinary accompaniment to spirits.


Our Dry Cola echoes the clarity of the Southern Ocean delivering full flavour, low sugar and nothing artificial. Delicious on its own or respectful of fine spirits as a mixer.


Our Leatherwood Honey and Sea Salt is as unique as the Southern Ocean. Sweet then immediately dry, a soft drink for the discerning palette or a complement to unique spirits.

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